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HW-1068 Positioning Immersion Controller
HW-1068 Positioning Immersion Controller
Model:95x 37x 30 mm;





















Positioning immersion controller HW1068, an intelligent self-developed flood detection system is the most cost-effective in similar products; Mainly used in the engine room, warehouses, buildings and other indoor environmental condensate ground water (flooding) positioning real-time monitoring; 1 to 1,500 meters in length can be ordered arbitrarily, it has accurate measurement of the distance from the leaks; At the same time positioning with flooding alarms, alarm system, automatic control, break alarm output; HW1068 positioning immersion controller with high reliability, economical and practical, anti-interference ability, etc. it has powerful communication system, with RS-485 communication port, mailing address via the serial port settings and all data on the serial communication, the cascade use.

2. Technical parameters

Power: DC: 12v

Current: less than 60mA

Output form: RS485 mode with the level (normal high)

Maximum load capacity: 30mA (level)

Measurement uncertainty: less than or equal to 0.5m

Working environment: -10 - 50 ℃; 10% RH - 90% RH

Size: 95x 37x 30 mm;

Weight: 85g

3. System Features:

Modular design, easy to install, maintain

LED display power, water, cable fault, and communication status

Using MODBUS protocol, strong anti-interference

DIN rail installation

Alarm function with sound and light: warning light and buzzer

Input signal, output signal, and communication signal and isolate the motherboard, reducing the interference

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