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Online Monitoring Instrument Of the Battery
Online Monitoring Instrument Of the Battery


      BMU-007/12 battery monitor (UPS BATTERY MONITORING UNIT) exclusive use in post and telecommunications, computer rooms, electric power, railway, factories and other industries for backup power battery pack maintenance. Use BMU-007/12 battery monitor can reduce maintenance personnel's workload. BMU-007/12 can accurately measure the battery voltage and current, and can label battery charging and discharging temperature。BMU-007/12 basic configuration is for measuring 35 pieces of 12 V battery voltage, 1 piece of total voltage and 6 pieces of analog. With BTRVIEW, BMU-007 series battery monitor can form with battery online management system to monitor the working state of the battery pack every minute. The characteristics are as follows:

Ø        real-time monitoring of the battery pack for each battery voltage

Ø        Record battery charging and discharging curve, timely response battery problems for fear of paralysis after power cut.

Ø        Can implement the centralized monitoring, realize the unattended, reduce battery maintenance costs

Ø        avoid blind replacement battery, reduce battery procurement costs

Ø        Apply to access network and microwave station battery pack, that is, two groups of 4 pieces of 12 V single cells battery cascade

Ø        Suitable for power operational power supply, that is, 108 pieces of 2V single cells battery cascade.

Ø        Apply to communication station battery pack, that is, 24 pieces of 2V single cells battery cascade.

Ø        Apply to computer center UPS backup power supply, that is, 34 pieces of 12V single cells battery cascade.

Technology index


       voltage: precision is better than 0.2%

       Total voltage: precision is better than 0.5%

    Analog quantity: precision is better than 1%

       Years of drift distance: less than 0.1%

   Overall dimensions: 482(standard 19''*145*45 mm

    Weight: 1.5Kg

    Work environment: -10~55°C; 20~95% RH

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